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Standard Configurations

  • Both of the platform and side rails are made of ABS material shaped once for all.
  • Backrest is controlled by hydraulic auxiliary gas spring.
  • Height adjustable is operated by crank.
  • Dia.150mm castors with central locking system.
  • To be equipped with steering castor.


Technical features

  1. Outer dimensions (Side rails up): L1970*W660mm(±10mm)
  2. Mattress platform: L1930*W610mm(±10mm)
  3. Bed height: H580-870m(±10mm)
  4. Maximum backrest angle: ≥70°
  5. Maximum thigh rest: ≥25°
  6. Height of side rails(above mattress platform): 380mm(±10mm)
  7. Safe working load: 200kgs